Friday, March 13, 2015

Time Travelling

Far from the maddening crowd, into the tranquillity of rural life it looked like the legendary spatial concept of time travelling. Here life moves slow, relaxed and looks ancient. The green field, the ox ploughing the field and the farmer in typical village attire lured us to stop en route and click some pics.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Bird and the Cyclone

What a contradiction! The similarities they have are: 1. Name, 2. Eye. Cyclone has an eye, so do birds and the name is Hudhud.

Hudhud the cyclone appalled as well as perplexed everyone with havoc and its name. Why Hudhud? Is it the hood of the snake or a gaberdine? Sounded eerie. I searched the net. To my surprise I found that it is a harmless, tiny bird. Named by Oman, the cyclone was no way near the birdie, which is also the national bird of Israel. I also learnt that the cyclones are already named and the Asian countries take turn to name the successive cyclones in this region.

                                                              The Bird

List of the names of Cyclones in the past, present and future

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monsoon Delayed!

                                                               I hear the cry,
                                                               In mornings dry,
                                                               Near my kitchen,
                                                               Piercing into my ears,
                                                               I care not to listen,
                                                               As I've to hasten,

                                                                  Till one day,
                                                                  It rattled my home,
                                                                  I step out to probe,
                                                                  Nestled on a tree,
                                                                  The hornbill wails,
                                                                  Rain, where art thou?

Two days back I spotted the grey Indian hornbill at my back yard. As a child I had heard of stories and songs about this bird waiting for rain as it cannot drink water. They open their mouth to the rain and quench thirst. I lived in a very beautiful village in Kerala before coming to the city after marriage. All those years I never spotted a hornbill at my childhood home. It was a pleasure seeing this bird at the backyard where the migratory birds and other varieties flock. I did a research on this bird and found out that it never drinks water. Here, the monsoon is delayed and along with the hornbill we too are waiting desperately for rain. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Forest In a Game Box

Two weeks of hectic workshop. I had to let go my trip to Kerala; the saddest part of all. But the classes were quite interesting and the outcome was advantageous. Here is a diorama of a forest made as a teaching aid.

All the materials used for this are junk. The trees are made from old calender sheets. The cloud background is a page from an old travel magazine. The picture had a person in parachute. To cover that, two birds from old desktop calender was pasted with a piece of paper underneath it to create 3d effect. 

A brook was made with blue chart paper. Stones made of glass pebbles.  The animals that you see are all taken from magazines. Can you spot an elephant drinking from the brook?

 You can also spot a lioness, turtle and a frog apart from the birds and animals in the model.

Monday, August 19, 2013

You Make Me Cry


                                                Cannot think of a day without you,
                                                The flavor you add to my life,
                                                You pep up my days,
                                                Day by day you grew dear to me
                                               And anon! you became precious to me
                                               I dread the day I have to part with you
                                               My eyes well up on the thought,
                                              About that day without you,
                                              Onion, now you really make me cry!

This was written when onion prices were shooting up and people were forced to use less of it.


Friday, July 12, 2013


Try running away from your fears
and you will find it along with you
stalking you all the way
Turn around and face it
You will not find a trace of it

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Colorful Town

Kottayam, the town which houses my beautiful village, was till recently famous as the land of lakes, letters and latex. It is also known as Akshara Nagari for its over 95% literacy. It has now another feather in its cap with the title Mural City and that is not without any reason. Majority of the walls of buildings, temples and churches are painted in different themes, by some 350 artists from India and abroad. The pictorial depiction of Noah's Ark on a church wall is considered to be the largest in the country!

Mural of Noah's Ark on a church wall
Thirunakkera Temple wall